From the recording A Christmas Wish

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A Christmas Wish - Angelica
Songwriter: Angela Jeanne Johnson
Producer: Angela Jeanne Johnson
Publisher: Sabrinas Songs/Angela Jeanne Johnson


"A Christmas Wish" - Angelica

Holiday shopping, carolling, decorating,
Yuletide festive, Winter cheer, Season's Greetings

I'll give you a Christmas wish
Wrapped in kindness
Dedicate it to all the World
For health and happiness
I'll give you a Christmas wish
Write your name on Santa's list
Make all the Stars, shine on your dreams
Throughout the Universe, Oh

On New Year's Eve, we'll dance with bliss, celebrating
Mistletoe, good tidings, Friend's embracing



Resolutions, promises, blessings, happy endings,
I'm thankful for a special gift
Filled with meaning
The gift of giving, Oh