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Magic's Mystery - Angelica
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Magic's Mystery
by Angela Johnson
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12 Song Selections On CD:
"Magic's Mystery" - Angelica

1. "Magic's Mystery"
2. "It's Only Love"
3. "The Wishing Well"
4. "Fairy Tale"
5. "World Of Dimensions"
6. "Where Eagle's Soar"
7. "The Dream Machine"
8. "Faces Above A Dusty Cloud"
9. "Touch The Sky"
10. "Melody Of Hearts"
11. "We Belong"
12. "A Winter Design"

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℗ 2015 Angela Johnson

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"Magic's Mystery (Living Magically)" by Angela Johnson

There is magic in the air
The lights, the stage, it's everywhere
The costumes sparkle
There's glitter thrown into the air
The magic takes you there

The virtual world of make believe
Will lead you through the mystery
There's laughter in the games we play
This magic place where dreams come true today

Magic's mystery
A world of fantasy
Fantastic reality
Magic's mystery
Living magically
The world of dreams we make believe

The hypnotist will show the way
Erase your fears, the mind's at play
Along with me, you're dreaming
Make believing
We're living magically

And if you believe the characters
The story surely takes you there
The audience inside the play
With fantasies, they're all fairy tales

(Chorus) (Solo)

There is magic in your eyes
I see it as you come alive
Open your mind and visualize
Living magically, a great surprise

Come along, join in the fun
There's room enough for everyone
Open your mind and visualize
A world disguised
Magic's great surprise

Magic's mystery
World of fantasy
Fantastic play
In reality
Magic's mystery
Living magically
The world of dreams
We make believe
Magic's mystery
Living magically
The world of dreams
We make believe
There is magic in your eyes
I see it as you come alive

Copyright © 2014 Angela Johnson
All Rights Reserved.

"World Of Dreams"

"World Of Dreams", is a collection of CD's, Dreamland Awakening, Magic's Mystery, Trilogy & World Of Dreams Thirty Piano Pieces. The music is centered around Angelica's story about a journey through destiny in The Dream Machine. Adults become like children again, when they are pulled from their bodies in their sleep, hypnotized like a Ballerina In The Miracle Mind, by a Spider, who is disguised as a Gatekeeper, the Sandman in your sleep. He crawls through their minds, hypnotizing them, playing games, erasing their memories, programming thoughts, stealing their dreams, in exchange for his nightmares. He plays a Melody Of Hearts  in his Soul Catcher, tricking them into a higher state of consciousness. Spider, is a thief of thoughts.

The sleepers are pulled through the dream gate, into a World Of Dimensions, into infinity, to a place called Trilogy, where three worlds collide. They are asleep and awake at the same time, flying Where Eagle's Soar, in the fifth dimension, stuck between reality, the make believe, and the dreaming state, Magic's Mystery (Living Magically). They experience an adventure where you can Dance Like You Are Free, and Touch The Sky.

The sleepers are in an underground Spy Operation in the underworld controlled by Spider. They are unaware that they are being used to spy on all dreamers in Spiders mission to rule the dream world. He dangles the sleepers, like a Puppet Master, playing many different identities in a Fairy Tale where The Dream Believes, It's Only Love where We Belong. While the sleepers are asleep, they can't remember who they were in their sleep, or who he is when they awaken once again in the real world.

The adventure takes off when the sleepers experience each others dreams in Images (Symphony Of Stars) A Mind Scape (Night Crawler), A Winter Design, Cartoons (Funny Day), The Wishing Well, ending with an Encore. The sleepers try to awaken once again as adults, in an attempt to steal their memories back, Faces Above A Dusty Cloud, and seal off the dream gate. The Secret Waits in this magical underworld, when they learn of their super powers, Miracles And Little Things, in a Dreamland Awakening, The real world.

The story twists as the sleepers discover that in the real world, where they are awake as adults, they really are part of a spy operation. It isn' all just a dream and they are forced to be used in a laboratory for research in a human experiment involving the mind. Their minds are used to spy on world leaders, while they sleep, stuck in a Moscow Maze, between three different countries, in a Parallel Universe. A space program in, The Power Of Infinity. The sleepers must learn their identities, Coming In And Out Of Time while experiencing mixed dreams, find their way back to their bodies, quickly tell themselves the truth, before they are programmed to forget again. They must take back their memories, and dreams, and exchange them for Spiders nightmares, before he discovers that they know the truth. Finally, they must seal off the dream gate, returning all freedom to the dream world and free all lost souls that have been captured.

Spider, "The Researchers", discover that the sleepers are beginning to remember I'm Feeling That Way and the chase is on. They decide to change the programs on the mind, in an attempt to cover their steps, while sedating the sleepers once again, erasing their minds, change their identities, playing tricks in their dreams, but they learn that it is too late. The sleepers have already remembered and put the evidence together with their fragments of memories, finding their bodies once again. You Gave Me Just Enough. They tell themselves the truth, Something To Believe In (Love Keeps The World Turning) so that they can awaken, while inside the dream gate and carry their memories back into the real world so they can tell the difference between reality, make-believe and dreams. They access the data needed to bring down the communications in the experiment, bring down the corruption, the hypnosis on the sleepers, the controllers of the underground, Spider and his web of researchers and free the dream world, along with the real world. Freedom's Whisper (Illusions In The Eye Of The Storm), Across The Motion (Battleground In Victory), They take back our dreams and memories from Spider, giving his nightmares back to him and seal off both sides of the dream gate. The children, who are the most powerful dreamers of the world, are given the keys to the dream gate. They hold the deepest power of the imagination, they decide the future of the world, where they can unlock the dream gate once again and travel through the World of dreams to a New World Theme (World Of Dreams), A Song For The One, The children soon fall fast asleep and later awaken, where they are standing behind a camera, and crew with all of the actors and children. They are the producers behind the movie, World Of Dreams.
Copyright © 2014 Angela Johnson
All Rights Reserved  

NOTE: "World Of Dreams" by Angela Johnson, is written in three formats:

1. CD's: Dreamland Awakening, Magic's Mystery, Trilogy, World Of Dreams Thirty Piano Pieces

2. Story

3. Screenplay